Explorers City Camp - Antwerp

After January's cold survival camp, the warmth and luxury of Antwerp's Scouthuis was brilliant! Friday night started at Braine l'Alleud train station and ended with a messed up midnight dinner (messed up by yours truly). Saturday brought us shopping, Starbucks, fast food, a tour of Antwerp during the Monopoly game which was hosted by Rehaan and myself, and some wild, weird looking, lazy beasts. And we also went to the zoo!

We will survive!

Wintercamp/Survival Skills January 2016.

It was an amazing camp! The 10.5km hike there was banterful. Arriving at De Kluis Friday night was a relief that overjoyed me and the taste of the freeze dried food was ecstatic.


Saturday, 21st of November.

After an activity packed start of year it was nice to be able to socialise and relax with the group. We enjoyed the company of many Explorers on Saturday night, as well as some leaders visiting from England.

It was a fun night packed with nice music, some good and some bad baking, questionable dancing, out of tune singing and definitely a lot of laughing. And we must thank Breanna and her parents, for accommodating us.

Social - Pizza and Finnish Sweet Dough Evening

21 Nov 2015

by Jamie - Explorer Media and Comms

1st Waterloo Remembers

11 Nov 2015

Cubs, Scouts and Explorers took time today (November 11, 2015) to remember those that gave their lives in all conflicts and also to those wounded soldiers who survive.

In particular, five brave soldiers from the Royal Welsh Fusiliers who are buried near one of our favourite camping grounds.  One of the five was only fifteen years of age!

Lest We Forget...

Shining Bright Like Diamonds

When I think of diamonds I think of words like 'brilliance', 'sparkle', 'illuminating', and these are just some of the words I could use to describe our two latest achievers Hannah and Cora who are now proud holders of the Chief Scout's Diamond Award - the highest Award in Scouting and just one step away from the Queen's Scout Award.

Scout Section 2014/2015 year in review

22 Jun 2015

The Scout Section has had a fantastic year with many new challenges and exciting programme ideas coming from the Scouts themselves!

A large group of Scouts have achieved their Gold Awards and will be now heading up to join the Explorer Section in the new term.

Check out the video momento of an excellent year in Scouting at 1st Waterloo!


Historic Hougoumont!

8 Jun 2015 - 18 Jun 2015
Hougoumont Farm, Braine l'Alleud

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June 8: We were treated to a private tour of the newly renovated farm at Hougoumont on the historic site of the Battle of Waterloo.

The British Embassy and Project Hougoumont combined to allow our group to visit the site and learn a little about the courage and determination of the men that fought to defend this strategic position on the battlefield.

This visit has sparked the flame of interest in many Scouts and parents alike and we are looking forward to further opportunities to work with the Project.

Pinewood Derby

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